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Pining for the Fjords

Pftf is another take at time keeping and work time accounting. I wrote it when I finally got down to a 30h/week contract to see that I don't do too much overtime. While I was about it, I figured I could build this thing into something that would let me find out if all the organization and meeting business really is that much of a time sink.

Pftf lets you:

It also includes a pure-python holiday computing machinery that could probably be used independently. All this is currently geared towards quite "normal" work conditions (e.g., no weighting of work time is possible; but this could be easily fixed). The holidays only comprise those in Germany, but I'd be happy to add other holidays (I only vaguely remember the U.S. habits to most of their holidays -- was it something like "the Friday closest to xx.yy?).

To run pftf, you need Python newer than 2.3 (for version 1) or newer than 3.7 (for version 2). Feature-wise, the two versions don't make much of a difference. Some optional features require a working build system (make and a C compiler). It will probably run on all posixish systems (though Linux has an advantage you can figure out by reading the docs). The whole thing is GPLed.


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